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Synthetic vs Conventional oil for Winter

 Synthetic VS Conventional oil which is best for Manitoba cold winters

Synthetic vs Conventional oil

Synthetic Vs Conventional oil

Motorized vehicles, especially those with internal combustion engines cannot operate without motor oil. In the engine, motor oil serves multiple purposes including reducing friction between moving parts hence preventing wear and tear. Oil also removes heat from the hot areas to the cooler parts in the engine and prevents corrosion which occurs when the metal is exposed to oxygen. Thanks to the added detergents, oil also cleans the engine and prevents oil sludge.

There are two main types of motor oil; conventional oil, and synthetic oil.

Conventional oil
is obtained from crude oil that is extensively refined to make it suitable for engine use. It comes in a wide range of viscosity grades and varying quality levels.

This oil is recommended for drivers whose driving habits are described as routine – vacation driving, running errands and commuting – at relaxing speeds as well as late model vehicles and those with low mileage.

Synthetic oil
Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, is made from laboratory synthesis of controlled ingredients created by chemists, scientists, and engineers. When combined with a high-performance additive package, it results with oil of the highest level of lubrication and engine protection.

Synthetic oil offers better protection at start-up, has better cleansing qualities, better protection against heat buildup and enhanced durability.

Today, more and more car manufacturers require the use of synthetic motor oil in their vehicles. Therefore, be sure to check the vehicle manual to avoid engine problems or voiding the warranty.

If your vehicle does not require the use of synthetic oil and you are wondering what is the best engine oil to use. The answer depends on what you intend to do with your car as well as how long you plan to keep it. Typically, synthetic oil performs better than conventional oil. Therefore, if you are looking for the highest level of engine performance and protection especially in extreme temperatures, go for synthetic oil.

Benefits of synthetic oil in winter months
The engine is vulnerable at startup. That is when the oil should keep flowing, but cold temperatures make it either not flow at all or flow too slowly which can take a toll on the engine, this explains why the right motor oil during winter makes a big difference.

Synthetic motor oil is not only distilled but also purified, refined and broken into basic molecules. This process removes almost all impurities from crude oil and enables the individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of the engine. The customized molecules provide better performance and protection than conventional motor oil.

A major benefit of using synthetic oil during winter months is due to its enhanced flow even in low temperatures.

The conventional motor oil contains wax which makes it thicken quickly in cold weather; this means that it does not flow with ease through the engine’s lubrication system.

Synthetic oil, on the other hand, maintains its low viscosity in all temperatures meaning it flows quickly even during winter and begins to protect the engine immediately after starting the car, because of its chemical makeup it is less likely to freeze up or congeal.

For example, synthetic oil with 0W-30 will flow smoothly even at -52 Celsius and even lower temperatures. In contrast, conventional oil will freeze at these temperatures making it difficult to start the car.

When the car can start faster, the power needed by both the starter and the engine is reduced which in turn reduces the strain on either of the parts. With a smooth start, the engine will be more durable and reliable. A maintained engine will be able to take you through the cold winter months and into the warmer spring and summer.

The main point is, synthetic oil flows well even in extremely low temperatures allowing your car to start fast during the coldest winter days. So, changing from conventional to synthetic oil is a wise decision especially if you live in Manitoba which experiences prolonged cold snaps.

However, these tremendous benefits of synthetic oil do not come cheap. The price of synthetic oil is almost twice that of conventional oil but the many advantages it offers to you and your vehicle makes it worth the extra bucks.
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