Auto Parts in Winnipeg

We offer a wide choice of auto parts in Winnipeg for your vehicle. Whether it’s time to change or purchase new tires have the cabin filter changed, or have the car serviced, give us a try at Canadian Super Shop in Winnipeg and keep those wheels a’ turning!  Here at Canadian Super Shop in Winnipeg, you want to know that whatever your vehicle needs, we can supply and fit it to your satisfaction at affordable prices

When it comes to looking after your vehicle’s maintenance, you know you can’t cut corners – safety and reliability are of paramount importance to every driver.  You want to know that whatever the weather, whatever the reason you are out in your vehicle – be it your car, your truck or your  SUV, you will have a safe and comfortable journey with complete peace of mind.  With over 40 years of experience, our courteous team of professionals is only a phone call away from thousands of leading brand components.  We’ve worked hard to maintain our reputation as a leading auto parts garage that our customers return to again and again.   Our fully qualified and skilled workers can use their expertise to repair, fit, and install many auto parts for most make and model of vehicle. Whatever the vehicle, whatever the repair, Canadian Super Shop carried a vast range of auto parts in Winnipeg

We have a vast supply of everyday auto parts such as spark plugs, batteries, and filters which sit alongside the latest engine management products and diagnostics equipment, because here at Canadian Super Shop, we are committed to supplying whatever it is, you, our valued customer, require.  We have a mission to fit only the best, high-quality products, so our team has built up over the years, a great relationship with our motoring industry’s leading manufacturers, those with a reputation and history of producing the most reliable and trustworthy products.  This means our customers will have access to the most dependable and most comprehensive choice of auto parts possible. 
Because choice is essential.
So, it doesn’t matter whether you have an electrical fault, whether your car exhaust has rusted through, or your vehicle has let you down. We will work to ensure your vehicle is properly together again to our high standards.

High-Quality Auto Parts at Affordable Prices

We don’t believe Auto Parts should be expensive when it comes to maintenance – our prices are everyday affordable, but the standard of work is high.   Many people are worried that replacing a part on their vehicle is going to cost them a fortune, so they try and avoid having the work done for as long as they can get away with it.  This is a dangerous attitude and is often wholly misinformed – just read our customers’ reviews, and you’ll see for yourself – we are fair and reasonable. All our auto parts are from trusted manufacturers, and are back with their warrant.  We offer a full range of car maintenance and diagnostics – from brake pads, rotors, shocks, exhausts, rims and tires.  Our other auto parts services include; suspensions, head gaskets, cooling systems, gearboxes, clutch replacements, and drive shafts.  So, whatever your motoring needs, let Super Shop, Winnipeg take care of your vehicle. We won’t waste your time, and we won’t hold your car for longer than necessary.  We promise to complete our work quickly, without sacrificing any of the quality so that you get the best of both worlds.  Our customer satisfaction is why we get a large amount of work through word-of-mouth reviews.

With our fair prices, the Canadian Super Shop’s auto parts can ensure that you will always be happy leaving your vehicle with us.

We are Auto Parts in Winnipeg

We are based in Winnipeg, Canada, and have been caring for motorists for many years, giving each member of our staff more than enough experience in nearly every possible query you may have. We pride ourselves on being able to provide top-quality vehicle services. Our customers are our top priority, and they will always receive an honest, reliable service, which provides value for money and peace of mind, delivered by one of our trustworthy team.  We are a friendly and helpful group and will always explain to you what is wrong with your vehicle, the probable causes and repairs required, in advance of carrying out the work, in a manner which you’ll feel both understandable and comfortable with.  When working on your car, we will clearly explain all the viable options available to you, along with our recommendations. 
And we’ll document your vehicle’s parts and service history, so when you come to sell it, we’ll have your entire maintenance history, stored in a secured database for further ease and peace of mind.
And our mechanics are always on hand to offer free, valuable advice on your auto parts, or any other questions concerning your vehicle.
Whether its rims tire repairs, tires, exhausts, brakes, shock or accessories, our auto parts are only a call or click away. So, if you are looking for auto parts in Winnipeg from a friendly family garage in Winnipeg, look no further than your local Canadian Super Shop.

Our commitment is to offer an unrivaled level of car service coupled with a dedication to excellence, all learned from our team’s combined experience and by listening to our customers and by continually improving our working practices to serve you better and more affordably.

So, give us a ring today on a (204)885-5900, for a no-obligation quote.

Auto Parts in Winnipeg