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At Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg, we love tires. We have a long and fitting history of specializing in the supplying and repairing of tires for all sorts of vehicles and their owners. We want to be your tire shop. 
We believe driving is just as much your responsibility as it is a pleasure, and we endeavour to ensure the best practices and most important points concerning tires allows our customers to become better and safer drivers. There is so much more to tires than an air-filled ring of rubber.
If chances are that you are already driving around in a vehicle with tires which aren’t genuinely road-worthy… The right set of tires ensures that the vehicle’s performance on the road is excellent, and that’s where Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg comes in.

Tires are Canadian Super Shops passion!

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Fun Facts - Tires Winnipeg

Feeling tire-d already?
But did you know that there are different tire options?
There are summer tires which have a dedicated rubber compound that gives excellent grip and handling on both dry and wet roads in warmer weather.
Whereas winter tires provide outstanding grip on road surfaces covered in ice and snow.
All Weather tires are intended for most Winnipeg weather conditions.
All Season Tires are designed for a more temperate climate All-terrain tires have better traction for trucks and SUV and are for on, and off-road conditions. With special tread blocks to prevent clogging.
At Canadian Super Shop, (tires Winnipeg) we have the best tire technology available, so you can be assured that the wheels of your car or truck will have superior handling and traction.

To be or not to be - tire approved

We are often asked by customers when buying new tires, can you fit any tire to your vehicle if it has the same diameter as the rim? 
We always answer no. Not every tire is designed to use with every car. For vehicle safety and high performance, as well as saving you from spending unnecessary money further down the road (!), tire approval is a necessity.

Canadian Super Shop services will be able to help you with the recommendation of what tires you should be using so. You can feel safe in the knowledge you are driving in safe hands and on suitable tires.
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Tread Carefully
The tread is the bit of the tire  that makes contact with the surface of the road, which makes it rather essential!
Did you know that there are even different types of treads? This is because it’s essential to have different tread types for the various driving conditions you might come across.
The different tire types then are:
There are symmetrical tire tread patterns that deliver smooth driving, high directional stability, and low rolling resistance. There are also directional tire treads that provide high protection against hydroplaning , ensure excellent handling on snow and mud (essential in Canada) and really good road-holding at high speeds.
There are then asymmetrical tire tread patterns that offer excellent handling, high curve stability, and good grip in wet conditions. And in order to maintain optimal safety and performance, you should avoid mixing tire tread patterns when possible

Canadian Super Shop will advise you on which tread will suit your vehicle and your lifestyle best.
They can also advise you on ribs, grooves, tread blocks and sipes, which can help the tire’s performance in areas such as noise, handling, traction, and wear.

And you thought they were just tires!

One size doesn't fit all

Canadian Super Shop is more than aware that buying a new set of tires isn’t a cheap idea but that it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your vehicle – which is why it’s so important you get it right.
Canadian Super Shop always reminds their customers that the tire is the most critical point of contact between the vehicle and the road, regardless of whether it is a SUV, cross-over, car, or truck.
Therefore, you need to identify the right tire size, as well as the load index and the speed rating.
Tires Winnipeg will help you with a new tire checklist which includes:

• Checking your vehicle’s documentation for the compatible tire types.
• Ensuring the tire size has the right width, diameter, and the height-to-width aspect ratio.
• Checking the load index of the vehicle is able to support the load.
• As well as checking that the speed rating is able to maintain the maximum speed the tire is capable of.
• The fitting of the same model and brand of tire on all four-wheel positions.

It is essential to remember that tires are the only contact between you and the road!
Canadian Super Shop is a preferred choice of car owners to have their tires maintained, repaired, and checked due to their dedication and commitment.  Plus Canadian Super Shop can look after all your automotive services.
If you check out our customer reviews, you’ll see that we put excellence into everything we do.
We take the responsibility of handling your tires exceptionally seriously.

We carry a wide range of tire brands.

Canadian Super Shop will help you take into consideration your own budget and driving style – we are more than happy to support and advise in the tire buying decision.
So, whether you are looking for a quiet and comfortable ride or tires that offer the best fuel efficiency, or maybe you like to drive on unpaved roads and enjoy off-roading?
Living in Canada with its different extreme weather conditions means that you want tires that offer safety as well as premium performance. As we live in a country with changeable weather, you’ll want a tire store to deal with your tire need quickly and efficiently getting you back on the road.

Whatever tire requirements you have,  for Tires, Canadian Super Shop can easily supply and fit them with our high-tech equipment and expert professional team, saving you time and money.