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Improving vehicle appearance and performance with ‘suspension’ modifications

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Irrespective of the vehicle that you drive, the development engineers associated with the designing of your vehicle have worked hard to ensure that your vehicle gives you optimum performance regarding bumper heights, snow chains clearance and the load it has to carry in terms of the number of people traveling in the vehicle.
The suspension system of your vehicle (steering and suspension and vehicle suspension) has been designed to take care of the average load conditions, acceleration, cornering, and braking. However, in case you are not ‘average,’ then, your vehicle may need tuning and adjustment in line with your driving styles.
The system which connects the tires, shock absorbers and springs in a vehicle to its wheels and permits relative motion between the two is called suspension. The suspension system of your vehicle supports the road handling and ride quality by striking a balance between the two. The tuning of suspension involves finding the right balance between these two. The suspension protects the vehicle, cargo, passengers and luggage from jerks and damage. The front and rear suspension systems of a car are designed differently.
Enhancing your vehicle’s looks and performance
Springs provide an aggressive appearance and firmer handling to enable the finest automobiles to perform better. Cruise through the streets and corners, and you can feel the difference. A suitable set of wheels and tires is a cost-effective way to enhance your vehicle’s performance. The performance of high-quality tires is duly complemented by a suspension upgrade.
The suspension upgrade is achieved by lowering the vehicle and increasing its spring rate. It is suggested that the vehicle’s original springs be not modified as the results are often not up to the mark. Collapsing stock springs with heat or cutting-off the coils adversely affect the spring rate. The solution to this problem lies in opting for properly engineered sports springs which not only fit the vehicle well but also enhance its appearance and performance.
Appearancecar suspension
Sport springs improve the appearance in two ways –
• They give your vehicle a more aggressive stance by lowering it;
• They reduce the gap between the top of the tire and the wheel well edge called the fender-well gap.
Your vehicle’s performance also improves in two ways by sports springs –
Sports springs reduce the ride height;
Sports springs have higher spring rates which are tuned to the vehicle. This increases the load capacity and stability of your vehicle by lowering the center of gravity.
Your vehicles’ body movement is reduced which improves the vehicle’s responsiveness and improves tire functioning when they are performing at peak levels.
An alternative
An alternative to the above is a complete coil-over system. It combines springs and shocks with an adjustable perch to support the spring. This is similar to a race set-up.
The final recommendation
For casual driving enthusiasts and professional racing teams both, we recommend Eibach and H&R springs. These are manufactured by the world’s leading spring manufacturers, and they meet Germany’s tough TUV standards.
We offer Eibach and H&R sports springs in two versions for most cars, namely, Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline springs along with H&R Sport and Race springs. Give us a call and see the transformation of your vehicle!

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