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Meet the Team

John - Service Adviser

John is responsible for our auto service department and has been with us from the start. Canadian Super Shop has been his home for 40 years. He started by installing automotive tires, stocking shelves and today is a auto service adviser. John’s expertise is his ability to communicate your automotive concerns to the techs. Call John and book your appointment today. (204) 885 5901

Canadian Super Shop John
Canadian Super Shop Mechanic Sam

Sam - Lead Mechanic

Sam is THE MAN as we call him here at Canadian Super Shop. He is our head automotive technician. If there are any questions, he has the solution or will do the math to find the answers. Expert on carb rebuilding, a lost art, considering this type on fuel management is obsolete by today’s standards. Give him any classic vehicle, he is up to the challenge.

Conrad - Apprentice

Conrad is a 2nd year auto service apprentice auto technician and has been with Canadian Super Shop for over 3 years. He loves to problem solve and is skilled in the automotive trade diagnostics. Give him a flow sheet & he can figure out any electrical issue. Asian and European vehicles are his specialty.

Canadian Super Shop Apprentice Conrad
Canadian Super Shop Carter

Carter - Apprentice

Carter is a our newest apprentice, we want to welcome him to the Canadian Super Shop Team, he is an enthusiastic young man eager to learn and service your automotive needs.


Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg

Inspecting and Replacing Wiper Blades

Inspecting and Replacing Wiper Blades Winter season has ended, we’re starting a new season – spring. As a Canadian motorist, you can now drive without any fear of winter driving challenges. But you shouldn’t get too excited because spring comes with its share of problems.What’s the condition of your wiper blades after enduring harsh winter weather? Do you need to replace them?Most drivers give little attention to the windshield wipers of their vehicle – that’s until a passing truck kicks up a spray of muddy water or slush, or they get caught driving during a downpour. Even then, wiper blades

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spring tuneup canadian super shop
Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg

Our Top Six Spring Car Care Maintenance Tips

  Spring Car Care Maintenance Tips It is over! Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the weather has changed drastically. As it’s getting warmer and the pollen fading, it is clear that winter is gone and we are officially in full-blown spring here in Manitoba.With spring usually comes a lot of refreshing and cleaning of all the things which were neglected during winter, mainly your yard and house. But there is one crucial thing you need to ensure it gets the priority on your spring to-do list, and that is your car maintenance.Winter can be very brutal on your vehicle. From road

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Mechanic working on car
Car repairs Winnipeg

Auto Mechanic in Winnipeg

Top 5 Tips When Dealing With Your Auto Mechanic. If you own a vehicle, chances are you’ve had (or will have) to take it to an auto repair shop and talk to the auto mechanic at some point. Unluckily, tales of crooked mechanics are as rampage as corrupt politician stories, resulting in many car owners being very wary or downright defensive before they even walk in an automotive service shop With an average age of cars on the roads today reaching an all-time high of more than eight years based on the market research organization R.L. Polk in the Southfield Mich.,

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