Auto Service Winnipeg

Here at Canadian Super Shop, we’re known as Auto Service Winnipeg. We understand you always want to have confidence in the safety and reliability of your automobile, whatever make or model. You should be confident every time you decide to go use your vehicle it will be in tip-top condition, especially with Winnipeg’s demanding climate.  This means you should have your car serviced regularly.

In practice, that means at least once a year you should head to Canadian Super Shop in Winnipeg for auto service. If you have high mileage or heavy usage car, that interval between auto services should become shorter.  The most significant benefit of keeping up proper vehicle servicing is the feeling of assurance that you are driving a road worthy vehicle.  If you neglect your auto service or use providers who are an unknown quality to you, then you will be left feeling anxious and concerned that your vehicle is not as reliable as it can be.  Who wants to be left standing at the edge of the highway, complete with the whole family and with a car that has broken down, waiting for a tow truck?  Not a situation anyone wants to be left in…

Auto Service Winnipeg

Why Us? Canadian Super Shop

Here at the Canadian Super Shop, our auto services are second to none. Don’t take our word for it; just have a look at our glowing customers’ reviews.  Our auto services should be your auto servicing provider of choice because we have the knowledge and procedures to deliver the highest levels of safety and reliability. You will immediately discover that your auto service will be thorough and will have full attention to every detail. Depending on what you’ve specifically requested and how often your car is scheduled for servicing determines what is included in the auto service, but in general, it will cover a considerable range of checks to systems that are related to safety and reliability as well as performance. Any parts that need to be replaced due to breakage or wear and tear will be replaced, and all fluids will be topped up.  Oil and filter replacement is standard, which contributes to excellent performance, and long vehicle life. We have an unrivaled knowledge of all manufacturers’ guidelines for all the steps involved in servicing, and we’ll never deviate from them or try and cut corners in any way. In essence, your safety is too important to us, and we hold our reputation, dear. We only use new or manufactured approved parts and only the highest quality materials in our auto service. Our integrity defines us.  We know that there are a few garages who carry out unnecessary work during a service, leaving you suspicious that identified problems aren’t always genuine. Still, we always have you, as our customer’s best interests at heart.

We don’t sell spin.

Auto Service Winnipeg

So, whether you have a current model or an old car, you’ll find that our auto service is essential in maintaining that your vehicle is safe and reliable – every time.  Don’t fall into the trap that just because your vehicle is new that it doesn’t require regular service.  New cars warranties aren’t affected by having your vehicle service by Canadian Super Shop. You don’t have to have a full car service every time either. Why wait for problems to occur, you should service your car every 6,000 kilometers or six months, for an oil change and filter; and have your vehicle fluids levels topped up; your brakes checked; your steering realigned;  your suspension tested; maybe your tires examined, or your cabin filter checked. Our auto services are operated by only fully qualified and skilled technicians who are passionate about vehicles, most makes and models. Canadian Super Shop always provides the best level of auto service, diagnostics, repairs and MPI approved safeties. Our garage workshop, based in Winnipeg, is fully equipped with the latest automotive technology to ensure that all the vehicles being maintained receive nothing but the very highest possible due care and attention.  We appreciate that our Canadian weather can be trying for many vehicles, and we’re happy to offer our customers a full auto service with a wide range of car, suv, light truck and minivan parts and accessories, to help prepare our customers feel confident with our changing weather conditions.

Safety First!

No job is too large or too small for us. Here at Canadian Super Shop, we have old time values where the customer is always on our mind.  That means we are happy for you to talk with our team directly, to feel safe in the knowledge that we are taking your needs and concerns seriously. We are an independent, friendly, and committed team with over 40 years of experience in the automotive trade. We offer you services from changing a dash light, brakes, shocks, front-end alignments, mufflers, exhaust, engine repair and maintenance. Servicing most Domestic, European, Asian cars and light-duty trucks.  Maintaining your classic, as well as the newest exotic vehicles to a complete engine overhaul.

So, if you want to feel reassured that your vehicle is the best it can be next time your vehicle requires auto service, give us a ring on 2048855901, and keep your wheels turning…