Winnipeg Wheels and Rims

Need a new set of wheels or rims look no further....

Cruise the streets in style with the perfect set for wheels! Here at the Canadian Super Shop, we understand that your car is an extension of your personality. Plus, we stock a vast range of car and light truck wheels for whatever you may want, whether it’s personalizing your vehicle or getting it ready for the road. Since our humble beginnings over 40 years ago, we have grown with the motor industry, from the 16” wheel on the C4 Corvette to the 24″ wheel on the most sophisticated SUVs. We have a great team that would love to supply and fit your wheels for whatever make, model, light-duty truck, or SUV you have.

Whether you’re looking for sleek alloys to enhance your car’s performance or bold custom rims to turn heads.

Wheels and tires are our passion.

Wheeler Dealer

Here at Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg, we can help with your can wheel and tire repair and replacement! We are happy to supply and work with wheels from every corner of the planet, working to ensure we provide you with most type of alloy wheels available to most tire brands produced. Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg also offers expert repair services, which include – bent rim/wheel straightening, cosmetic curb damaged wheel rim repairs, wheel replacements,  powder coating, welding, and corrosion removal.

We are passionate about Wheels!

We hold our customers’ in the highest esteem and work to ensure our team will provide you with a first-class service, second to none – don’t take just our word for it; look at our fantastic customers’ reviews… From the moment you first meet with our Wheels Sales Team, be it through placing an order, messaging through our website, dropping us an email or by simply picking up the phone our sales team at Canadian Super Shop, want to make sure that your every need is seen to right up to, and even after your goods have been delivered.
So, whether you want a customized set of wheels or a repair to your wheels to an almost new condition, you’ll know you are in safe hands.
We are fully committed to dedicating our services to you in providing the best value, the highest-quality, and friendly and approachable service.  At Canadian Super Shop, we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure the best service – Every time.

Winter Wheels

Being in Canada, Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg knows there is no compromise for safety when dealing with with snowy and icy conditions typical of our winter months. When you buy a car, most of the time they are fitted with summer tires or all-season tires  wheel and tire packages which are better suited to warmer temperatures. The better tire you buy will offer better performance, higher levels of grip and braking performance, as well as better durability, too, so it’s advisable to buy the best winter tires you can afford.   Just like regular tires, winter wheels prices will vary depending size finish or manufacturer.  Canadian Super Shop offer winter tires, and wheel packages – specialized for winter use just like winter tires are, winter wheels feature more robust coatings designed to cope with corrosive road salts that are commonly used in the Canadian winters.  Just ask one of our team members for what is most suitable for your vehicle

Summer Wheels

Whether you love long drives in the summer or cruising the city, there are a few things you can do to ensure your car looks its best. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go crazy to stay in tip-top shape! Summer wheels are a fun way to liven up your car’s appearance and make it stand out from the rest. Summer is the perfect time for a wheel and rim clean-up. It’s advisable to do this every year. Treat yourself to a new set of Summer Wheels. Your car deserves it.

winnpeg wheels and rims

Keep the Wheels Turning

4x4s, SUVs, off-roaders, and pickup truck wheels are selling by the truckload here at Canadian Super Shop!  We specialize in most makes of rims and wheels.  So, for those of you who like your vehicles big, bold and brash, you should come to us to fit those tires and wheels. Why not upgrade your truck or 4×4 with a new set of rims or wheels?  We stock a vast range of bang-up-to-minute brands or, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we are happy to look for you. So, if you are into trucks then our professional team of expert wheel fitters can do the job – however large or small. Whether you want a new set of alloy wheels – Mickey Thompson, Fasco, Replika, MHT, Fuel, RTX, plus many other name brand lines,  we can fit them to our very proficient high-standards. Perhaps you are looking for rims or wheels for the family car or your sport car? With our wide choice of models, trims, and other options, there’s something out there for everyone from classics to exotics.  A new set of alloys can drastically improve the appearance, ride quality, and handling of your vehicle. Why not come and have a chat with one of our team so you can feel comfortable in the choice you make?

Full of Hot Air

Lots of people get confused about whether they should use nitrogen or just plain air in their tires – it’s an argument which has been going on for years!
But we suggest that for most of our customers, that good old compressed air will suffice… We believe in giving our customers practical advice which is convenient and for the best cost – what’s not to love? But whatever your issue, you know we can help with advice as well as our hands-on wheel and rim service. A typical repair or replenishing job for a set of wheels usually takes 2/3 days, and repair costs will depend on the rim size, type of wheel finish, and the extent of the damage. We believe that the importance of having the right rim tire package on your vehicle can’t be underestimated – they are the glue that grips your car to the road and so, therefore, should be maintained to the highest degree. Pressure, alignment, tread, rotation, and balance are just part of our daily diet at Canadian Super Shop, but for you, they could be a life-changer… No more hot air let your wheels feel the freedom of the road – it’s time to take action.

No more stalling get in touch with us today at Canadian Super Shop Winnipeg to enjoy a fast and reliable high-performance service!