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World Of Wheels March 24-26 2017

World of Wheels, and why you should attend

Now that winter has passed, well almost, it’s time to head to the World of Wheels at the Winnipeg Convention Center. Like many of us, you may be wondering what’s the big deal about car shows and why should you attend. What’s so good about them?
What many people don’t realize is that the World of Wheels Auto Show is not only for exhibitors and vendors to showcase and sell their toys. That’s maybe one of the objectives, but it’s not the only reason.
Different custom car owners, auto shops, and other automotive companies are eager to exhibit their new products and invoke excitement into the upcoming car season.
World of Wheel will feature a wide variety of custom cars, hot rods, custom trucks, and restored and antique vehicles, exhibitors, vendors and tens of thousands of spectators make World of Wheels car shows informative, exciting, and fun!
World of Wheels car shows offers the public opportunities to see new custom cars, new auto parts and accessories, and other significant innovations in the automotive industry and to catch a glimpse of future innovations.
Even if you live far from places such as Winnipeg, Detroit, Paris, New York, or a handful of other regions where the biggest car shows take place, that shouldn’t be an excuse for failing to attend these events.
Also, some may argue that they can get all news about World of Wheels auto shows and see pictures of all the hot rod, hottest new custom cars, and auto parts online, but there is still much more to benefit from attending such shows.
Many things happen in those events, which will form an excellent exposure for you. It is highly preferable to be there in person. See for yourself!
These car shows are a perfect event to attend if you’re planning to buy a custom car, hot rod, new auto parts or if you need any other advice about vintage vehicles.
All the major custom car dealers and auto shops avail themselves in these events, bringing along most of their custom cars, hotrods, auto parts and other auto innovations currently (or soon to be) on the market.
There is no need for you to travel to various custom car shops, but instead, you can spend an afternoon at a World of Wheels car show comparing the latest hot rods, affordable custom cars and much more, all in the same place.
Most car shows involve a lot of activities which explains their massive size. Therefore, you need to prepare before you go there. Let’s now look at some of the reasons why you should attend World of Wheels car shows:
1. Compare Various Hotrods, Custom Cars, and Vintage Vehicles Side By Side
Most custom car shoppers treasure brand loyalty, but most shop by body style instead. World of Wheels auto shows provides the most convenient opportunity to see, for instance, all the latest and greatest lowriders.
Unlike a custom car dealer’s lot, you can see the new Dodge Charger “Tantrum” and the new Cadillac Coupe “Sophia” in one location.
2. World Debuts
Custom Car Builders almost always unveil the highly anticipated custom cars at car shows. Beyond that, auto shows offer Custom Car Builders an excellent opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking concepts and ideas which may never reach mass production.
In fact, the World of Wheels car show might be your only chance to see in person the incredible ideas that are very far from the open road.
3. Discounts on Auto Parts and Lots of Free Stuff
Who doesn’t like discounts and free stuff? Being the vendors of World of Wheels car shows, various authorized auto shops will be offering discounts on most of their items. So, take this opportunity to buy genuine auto parts you need or the ones you may need in future.
Apart from discounts and the glossy brochures of your preferred new hot rods or custom cars, you will also find lots of giveaways in many vendors’ and exhibitors’ booths: stress balls, shirts, key chains, hats, and all other forms of Stuff We All Get (SWAG).
If nothing else, you will go home with some freebies, even though most car show attendees also gain valuable knowledge about the custom car industry, the latest technologies and auto parts, and perhaps their dream custom car or hot rod.
4. Opportunity to Learn About Innovation
Technology changes on a daily basis. Appliances, toys, and televisions are always integrating new options and features. The same applies to hotrods, custom cars, and auto parts. Unless you’re riding or looking in someone else’s car, you will probably not notice it.
By attending a World of Wheels auto show, you will have an excellent opportunity to see improvements to the safety features, exterior, and interior, integration with the mobile devices and innovative auto parts upgrades.
5. Follow the Crowds
If you’re a real car enthusiast, you are always interested to know where the industry is going. Given that custom car builders almost always unveil new trends at car shows, then these events can be a launching pad for the next big custom car trend.
The excitement which surrounds some vintage vehicles, custom cars and innovative auto parts are palpable, and observing crowd’s reaction and the location can be even more enlightening than checking the cars themselves.
Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, you should visit the World of Wheels being held at the Winnipeg Convention Center to see what is new in the showroom, and what is making its way to the market soon. So come out and join Canadian Super Shop at this year’s show and experience one of the best automotive event in the Winnipeg.

Hope to see you all there!

Canadian Super Shop

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