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Are You Carrying An Winter Emergency Kit?

Manitoba winters can get extremely cold and it is very important that you keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. This is especially the case during the cold winter months. A winter emergency kit is an essential that you might need if you are stalled, stranded, or otherwise detained on the road. It contains things, supplies such as snacks, water, any medications, flashlight, and extra batteries. In the winter time, it should also have seasonal items such as a shovel and windshield scraper, blankets to keep you warm, and extra warm clothing including gloves, hats, and scarves.
In the event of an emergency it pays to be prepared. If an emergency occurs while on the road, the drivers first responsibility is to safely make it to the side of the road for both his or her protection and the protection of others. Careful preparation will ensure that all of the necessary items needed to remain safe are in the car. These items are not only designed to alert other vehicles to the presence of a driver in distress, but they may also help the driver to make necessary repairs, alert emergency responders or family, or the stay comfortable, safe and hydrated until help arises. Here are some items that you should keep in your vehicle this winter:
Water (take fresh water into car that isn’t frozen during each trip)

Battery charger for phone
Flares/reflectors to signal for help and warn other motorists
Sturdy scraper/ snow brush/ snow shovel to clear snow
Battery or crank-powered radio to listen to emergency broadcasts
Flashlights with extra batteries or crank-powered flashlights
Survival blanket or sleeping bag
Chemical hand warmers
Extra set of clothes, including coat, hat, mittens, boots, etc…
Gallon jug of water and non-perishable food
First aid kit and essential medications
Tire chains / tow strap / cables
Non-clumping kitty litter / sand for traction
Jumper cables
Extra cloth or paper towels for cleanup if necessary
Deck of cards or board game for entertainment
Rescue tool (with seatbelt cutter to easily escape car)
Back-up phone
Ice scrapper
Emergency candle
Repair manual (keep this in your car always)
Tarp / fire starter kit (if you need to leave the car)
Duct tape (this can be used for many purposes)

Do not forget to keep your glove box stocked with safety items can give you quicker access to a few basics.
By keeping these supplies and any other essentials that you may need in your vehicle, you are prepared for the worse. If your automobile stalls or is involved in an accident and you are unable to run the heater, warm clothes and blankets will come in handy until help arrives. If it is nighttime, a flashlight with working batteries can help you visually to access the situation. Or , there may be times when you must clear a path of snow, and a shovel would be very helpful.

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