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Waxing your car for the summer; here are some tips to give you that high-end shine.

Now that winter is almost over, and the World of Wheel car show is behind us, it’s time for us to look at ‘sprucing up’ our cars for the summer. Whether you own a classic or a daily driver, with a little effort it can look new again.

Some few years back waxing your car was the surest way to protect your paint job from the elements. Cars nowadays have a clear coat that is supposed to protect the paint job; therefore some car owners don’t see the need for waxing. Apart from the protective property of waxing, there is also the appearance to think about. The hot sunny months are coming, and you will want to give your car back the luster it had when it was brand new. Besides, the clear coat is paint without color. It is two mils thick, about as thick as a freezer bag. Therefore a wax is needed to bolster the protective cover over your paint job.

If you are getting ready for the summer and intend to have your car shining when the sun hits, then here are a few tips that will help you get the best shine. One good thing about waxing your car is that it had become much easier than way back when it was a must-do. All you need is a soft cotton terry cloth, car wash soap, a sponge for waxing and water.

Wash the car first

Winter can be brutal to a car, so a good wash will clean the car and prepare it for waxing. Make sure you get all the salt from the undercarriage too. It is important that you choose a spot with shade if you can’t do it in the early morning when the sun is not so hot. The heat of the sun can bake the wax and spoil the coating after you have put so much into it.

Waxing your car

You could use the wax sponge to apply the wax or just put it on the car directly. As you use the wax, make sure you get the whole surface evenly. Using circular strokes allows you to put on wax better and more consistently. The wax should sit for as long as instructed on the bottle. Use the cotton terry cloth to remove the wax on the car before it completely dries. As you wipe off the wax, you will begin to see your car’s new shine. Repeat the process, going in sections until you complete the whole car, and soon you will have a high gloss shine akin to a showroom car.

Choose your wax wisely

You should pick the wax according to your car’s needs. Dark colored paints are easily damaged by abrasive wax as are lacquer finishes and clear coats, therefore use a non-abrasive wax if your car has such a surface.

Mothers or Meguiars wax are good options. These are wax varieties designed with a particular blend of fine abrasive, imported wax types and carnauba. Said waxes are good at restoring minor flaws on the clear coat and undoing the little oxidation that might have occurred.

There are many wax varieties to choose from, but the liquid type is particularly a brand to avoid. They may have the advantage of easy application, but then again they don’t last very long on the car.

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