spring tune up

Vehicle Alignment

spring tune up

Spring is in the air, snow is starting to melt, the river is starting to rise but the worst part about the spring season is “potholes” Winnipeg weather brings out the best of them, we maybe known as the slurpee capital of Canada but we could also be known as the “pothole capital of Canada”

Oil Change WinnipegOne of the most obvious signs of a problem caused by potholes occurs in the vehicle’s alignment and shocks. The car’s suspension is designed to provide a smoother ride for passengers, by allowing the tires and struts to absorb the shock of the road. When the tire strikes a pothole particularly at highway speeds, the entire system receives an immediate jolt. Over time the wheels, tires, shock and suspension become less resilient, leading to a much rougher ride and less responsive steering.

A quick way to evaluate the damage to your vehicle  suspension is to ask yourself some questions about the car’s behavior. Do you feel a significant amount of swaying whenever you make routine turns? Does the vehicle nose down while  braking? Does the car drop in the back when accelerating from a dead stop? Does it “bottom out” on city streets or bounce excessively on rough roads? All of thvehicle alignmentese could point to a suspension problem.

Alternatively your vehicle alignment maybe severely affected after several months of constantly driving thru potholes. If it’s an endless battle with the steering wheel this could be a good indicator of a misalignment. While driving does the car pull to one direction instead of maintaining a straight line. Proper vehicle alignment is important for a number of reasons, including extending the life of the tires and safe handling during emergency situations. We at Canadian Super Shop have highly trained mechanics on staff  that can quickly and easily diagnose these problem.

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