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Peace of Mind in 6 Steps: Your Guide to a Complete Used Car Inspection

Canadian Super Shop used cars

In the thrilling hunt for your perfect used car, a lurking monster can hide beneath the shiny hood: unexpected repair bills. Don’t let a hidden problem turn your dream ride into a financial nightmare. Empower yourself with a used car inspection. This 6-step process acts as your shield, uncovering potential issues before you sign on the dotted line. Read on and discover how a used car inspection can transform your car buying experience from nerve-wracking to smooth sailing

In many cases, when shopping for a used car at several dealerships consumers are inundated with dealer displays and ads indicating that each used car on their lot has been through a number of inspections and comes with the collision history report.

Be wary since all this effort is intended to try to instill some credibility into the marketplace which historically rates just above the politicians on the trust factor.

When it comes to the individual inspection of the retailer, there can also be a credibility gap. As a cautious car buyer, always question whether or not the car was actually reconditioned or simply repaired enough to meet provincial safety regulations.

Without further ado, let’s look at six things to watch for when purchasing a used car.

1.  Inspected by a  Licensed Car Repair Shop

Having the car inspected by a reliable mechanic should be part of the purchasing process. You can do a visual check of the frame and engine on your own, but you will still require a mechanic to take a look at the vehicle and run some diagnostic and visual tests.

Even if the seller claims there are no major issues or mechanical defects, you should confirm that the vehicle is in top shape with a comprehensive inspection – after all, the seller is getting rid of the car or truck for a reason.

If you truly need to be sure about the condition of a used car, you can decide to have it analyze at an automotive specialty repair facility such as Canadian Super Shop.

Canadian Super Shop provides same day results by email if you want, making it easier for individual buyers and used car managers to get timely answers.

Remember, no used car dealer/seller whether licensed or private will ever carry out an internal examination of the transmission or an engine unless it displays a clear symptom.

2. Vehicle History Report

A car history report can you assist you to reveal ownership history, title problems, service points and earlier accidents, small or large.

These reports can be ordered online or obtained from the car shops. CARFAX provides one of the most comprehensive vehicle reports available to purchase that’s pulled from a database of over 6 billion car records.

3. Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Buying a certified used car can be a crucial decision since it provides the buyer an additional level of quality assurance. Several local car shops or dealers offers these cars with warranties which extend beyond the original new coverage.

4. The Test Drive

It is always good to take the vehicle for a test drive on both highways and local roads. In distinct environments, you can get a better feel for how the car or truck performs and responds.

On local roads, you can feel how it shifts and responds to any sharp turns. You will also get an excellent idea of the condition of the car’s brakes with stop-and-go.

With a trip on a particular highway, you can determine if the engine runs smoothly or not. Though on a test drive, keep your ears and eyes open.

Ensure to note any strange engine noises and whether or not all electronics in the vehicle are working well. Remember, you don’t have to pay for extra automotive services soon after purchasing the car!

5. Research Price

To ensure that you’re being charged a fair price, compare the prices of similar make, model, and year with many sources. Checking the dealer prices and Blue Book values can easily be done online.

Though mileage and condition will play a vital role in price, you can still obtain a good ballpark figure of the going value.

6. The Aesthetics: Inside and Out

Both the outside and inside condition of the vehicle play a key factor in price. Ensure to check the interior upholstery properly, along with any repairs to the car exterior.

That does not mean you should not buy a car which has been in a minor fender-bender, but you will want to ensure the exterior was repaired professionally, and the results are hardly visible.

Always open the hood of the car and take a keen look at the engine and other parts. Rusted and dirty parts can be a key indication that there may be the concern down the road.

Final thoughts on a used car inspection

Being wary of these six key things can be a surefire way to ensure that you do not get stuck when purchasing a used car. You will have all the necessary information to assist you to make an informed choice, whether you decide to buy the vehicle or not.

Canadian Super Shop currently offers affordable used car inspections for individual consumer services, and with the rates of failures which they have detected, if you want to buy a used car without any verifiable history, it may be the best cash you can spend.

Canadian Super Shop used cars Inspection

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