Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Car Guy In Your Life

Holiday Gifts for the Car Guy

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The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s high time to think of the best gift for that special car guy in your life. But what if you’re unsure what to give them?
But there are some gifts out there which fit any budget and will satisfy every car enthusiast. From items to use on the road, in the garage or even vehicles themselves, there’s something for everyone.
One overall quality of car guys is that they all love new tools and gadgets. If it can be used to gather stats or maintain a car, they will try it. It makes purchasing that special gifts relatively easy. Even if the item is not something they would think to buy themselves, chances are, they will still enjoy it.
We at Canadian Super Shop have compiled this list featuring different Christmas gifts for the ‘car guy’ in your life. Regardless of your budget, this list of Christmas gifts will help you find the best gift for him.
1. ZeroEdge 2.4 inch Dashboard Camera Bundle
Does your car guy like taking scenic cruises? This dashboard camera can assist him to record the majesty of an open road from his enjoyable ride. With full 1080p HD and a 135-degree viewing angle, this will record everything in perfect detail.
It also includes sensors which automatically detect ignition, motion, crashes, and when the vehicle is parked to signal shutoff. It can support up to a 32GB TF card, though this bundle incorporates a 16GB card.
2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool
Car guys like to acquire a lot of information about their vehicles. In the past years, that meant simply popping the hood and checking to find out if it was a big or small block. It is a bit more involved nowadays.
Mechanics use a powerful scan tool to diagnose all issues cropping up on the cars’ computers. You can get a modern, high-quality scan tool for your guy to use at home. He can use it to read and erase trouble codes, and it even comes with possible causes, definitions, and solutions for every code. Just attach the BlueDriver sensor to the serial port of the car and use your smartphone to obtain the necessary information. There is a live data mode as well. An excellent gift.
3. Zubie Smart Vehicle Monitoring Device
Keeping with the theme of the emerging information from the car to a smartphone, the Zubie is an always-on monitor which relays GPS information and health of the vehicle to your smartphone.
Use it to send diagnostic reports on the vehicle systems, keep track of the car’s movements, and use it to train inexperienced drivers. It’ll also help to reduce the cost of driving by suggesting more efficient routes.
4. HyperPS Multi-Function Car Jump Starter Kit
The starter itself can serve as a power bank to recharge phones and laptops. On top of that, the kit comes with 150 PSI air compressor, eight different cellphone adapters, a survival blade and hammer, and a couple of cables. Everything the car guy on your list needs for emergency situations.
5. Mothers 40-90032 Wax Attack 2 Polishing Kit
Speaking of keeping it clean and shining, car guys are obsessive about the paint on their vehicles. You do not need that type of patience to maintain the finish, though. This kit comes with everything you require to restore luster, including the pads, Wax Attack 2 buffer, 12 oz. California Gold Synthetic Wax, 12 oz. professional finishing polish, 12 oz. professional rubbing compound, and 16×16 inch microfiber towels. It will be suitable to help the vehicle recover from the damage of winter.
6. Drive Car Garbage Can
Car guys like to keep their autos tidy. Does he give you a hard time for bringing wrappers and other trash into his vehicle? You should get them this handy car garbage can. It comes with twenty liners and has a pouch for keeping them handy.
7. Black & Decker PAD1200 Flex Auto Vacuum
The cleanliness of the vehicle reflects on the owner. Help your car guy keep things tidy with this mini vacuum cleaner that plugs into a 12V jack in any vehicle.
It will assist in controlling the dust and keep the floor mats neat. The 4-inch flexible tube is ideal for getting to each corner, and the unit comes with various tips for different cleaning situations.
8. Avital 4103LX Remote Start Systemtop 10 xmas gift for your car guy
Some car guys are obsessive about allowing their engine blocks warm up to let the oil to coat the essential components before putting power to them. If your vehicle guy is one of them, consider getting him a remote starter. Let’s not go over the finer details here; you get the idea. If the car enthusiast in your life is very handy, they can install it themselves.
9. Tekton 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench
Did you know that you should tighten the wheel lug nuts to a particular torque value? It ranges between 65 and 100 ft./lb. of torque, based on the car manufacturer. Most folks trust the air gun to take care of it for them or just crank it on there, but this can cause frozen or stripped lugs.
In a worst-case situation, if the lugs are under-tightened, the wheel will shake loose as it rotates and potentially comes off the vehicle. If your car guy is ready to do his work, pick him up this wrench that’ll ensure the correct tightness with the pre-set torque.
10. High-Performance Wiper Blades
The sleety, snowy, rainy season is upon us! The inclement weather in Christmas holiday usually poses numerous driving issues. Give your car guy additional safety by getting him a fresh pair of high-performance wiper blades.Canadian Super Shop

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