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Canadian Super Shop has 30 years of experience in the tires and wheels business we can help you personalizing your vehicle. The automotive industry has reshaped the look and feel of today’s cars and trucks. First, for improving handling was the introduction of the 16″ wheel on the Chevrolet Corvette back in the mid 80’s,Wheels and tires along with ultra high performance Goodyear ZR rated Gatorback tires. This technological innovation radically improved handling , stability and the look of the sport car through big wheels and lower profile tires. Today it’s not uncommon for a touring sedan to have a 20 inch wheel and tire package right from the manufacturer, an innovation once only available on an exotic sports car.

Another development incorporated in all modern vehicles is the introduction of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). This innovation was designed for safety, performance, a way to constantly maintain proper spec. inflation pressure. Allowing for improved tire life and consistent vehicle handling characteristics. The TPMS are either incorporated as pressure monitoring valves in the wheels known as active low pressure, or a passive system in the vehicles speed sensors. As a tire looses pressure the speed of the rotation changes, the speed sensors activates the low tire warning system.

Canadian Super Shop’s Wheels and tiresknowledgeable staff and years of experience in the tires and wheels business can offer the current looks available to make your vehicle look as distinctive as you desire and handle to the maximum of your abilities.

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