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tech talk on engine oil

Tech Talk on Engine Oil

Canadian super shopToday’s Vehicle can do it all. Need to find that special restaurant, check with your onboard GPS for directions. WIFI will access their Menu and book your reservation.
Taking an impromptu Sunday drive with your children can now be enjoyable for all, your onboard entertainment system will see to that.
Your Car’s Computer monitors all vital functions. Fuel economy, emissions, service intervals, etc.
Vehicles engineered today have tighter engine tolerance. Manufacturers work in close collaboration with oil companies to produce lubricants that comply with the added pressures placed on the oil and decrease the environmental footprint.
We take for granted how capable the vehicle computer is. Can the computer do everything for all applications? One must consider many factors when considering oil change intervals.
We as consumers differ in driving habits, maybe more city stops and go driving. Also environmental considerations such as extreme temperature associated with a Canadian winter.
We must accept some responsibility for determining vehicle maintenance. A simple oil level check regularly can uncover inefficiencies. Our oil dipstick serves a valuable tool, and it will inform of low oil, oil discoloration, and even a burnt oil smell. All being an issue as to performance. Understanding the importance of monitoring engine oil though retinue examination can save an owner thousands of repairs and countless hours of down time frustration.
Rule of thumb checks your oil when you fill your fuel. Even the novice driver can be informed to understand an oil dipstick level indicator.1775 portage ave Winnipeg MB

With a little bit of knowledge and know-how, It’s amazing how much information you can acquire from such a simple device known as a dipstick.

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