stocking stuffers for car guys

12 stocking stuffers for car guys

The holiday season is here and so is the season to show your loved ones just how precious they are to you. It is the season to shower you friends and family with love, joy, affection and a horde of gifts, but as we all know getting the right kind of gift can be a tricky affair. Something gifted during this joyful season has its own value. Not only it spells out how intimately you know the person but it also gives you an opportunity to show the effort you have put in to buy a gift that has he or she will appreciate. Here are our picks for stocking stuffers for car guys.

So if you have a car/ automotive fanatic among your family and friends, and you are wondering just exactly what you can gift them, then we have some useful suggestions that will surely help!

1) Battery Tenders From CTEK
CTEK battery chargers have earned a high reputation for itself by being the most preferred brand of charger used by prestigious companies among the likes of Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, etc. What makes it so suitable is the high quality of engineering that has gone behind its make. With the ability of enhancing the battery life by 2-3 times, CTEK has become the top pick for all types of vehicles around the world.

2) Lighting From Piaastocking stuffer canadian super shop
The light technology implemented by Piaa right now is among the superior light technologies available for vehicles. By allowing the driver to have better color recognition it makes street signs and road blocks visible from a distance. The blue top coat on the lights emanate a cool bluish white effect which has no effect whatsoever on the performance.

3) Lighting From Putco
The LED bulbs from L1 Series LED Performance Bulbs by Putco work as an upgrade for headlights and fog lights. This series has a set of patented features which include adjustable collars, flexible heat sink made of copper fabric.

4) Race Wax From Drivendriven race wax
Driven’s race wax makes sure to provide the perfect gloss finish on any car. This product is just apt for securing the paint job done on the car. Its quick and easy application technique not only gives the desired smooth effect on the vehicle but also effectively destroys the dirt particles and protects the car body from accumulating more of it.

5) Speed Demon Wax From Surf City Garage
This is another comparable superior quality wax that provides an envious shine on any car making it look newer than ever. The advanced technology behind its making allows this wax to suspend and break down dust and dirt particles while immediately protecting the car body so that the particles do not stick back.

6) Carb Defender From Drivencar octane booster
Carb Defender removes oil residue and moisture preventing corrosion in carburetors . The additives in Carb Defender helps with combustion providing a more efficient fuel burn.

7) Octaplus Gasoline Treatment
Octaplus is a premium gasoline treating product. This highly concentrated formula takes on combustion while improving fuel injection and valve deposit. It is highly efficient in providing protection against phase separation in gasoline containing ethanol and provides fuel protection over long term storage.

8) Hypertech Power Programmer
This product power tunes the vehicle so as to increase the horsepowerbully dog power tuners and torque. It does so by collecting all the vehicle data once it is plugged into the diagnostic port and assimilating all that information to evaluate and then systematically improve the vehicle’s performance. This is one product that smoothly manifests digital efficiency into physical effectiveness.

9) GT Car Tuner From Bully Dog
GT Car Tuner with its one of a kind technology is another remarkable digital product that analyses the car diagnostic to power tune and increase the horsepower all while monitoring and gauging the vehicles innate system.

10) Husky Mud Flaps and Floor MatsHusky mud flaps
Husky floor mats have been deigned to capture strength in it soft material. It provides a powerful grip thus setting balance while providing comfort. It raised perimeter edge contains all forms of dirt and its easy removal and installation technique makes maintenance an easy job to say the least.

Exhaust pipes for your car11) Exhaust Tips
Get easily adjustable and installable exhaust tubes which can easily fit into your budget

12) Fuel Stabilizers
Come and see our long product line of fuel stabilizers for that car guy that stores his vehicle for the long winter months.

For this holiday season these are the ultimate stocking stuffer for car guys out there. So start gifting and spreading the joy!Canadian Super Shop

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