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John - Service Adviser

John is responsible for our auto service department and has been with us from the start. Canadian Super Shop has been his home for 40 years. He started by installing automotive tires, stocking shelves and today is a auto service adviser. John’s expertise is his ability to communicate your automotive concerns to the techs. Call John and book your appointment today. (204) 885 5901

Canadian Super Shop John
Canadian Super Shop Mechanic Sam

Sam - Lead Mechanic

Sam is THE MAN as we call him here at Canadian Super Shop. He is our head automotive technician. If there are any questions, he has the solution or will do the math to find the answers. Expert on carb rebuilding, a lost art, considering this type on fuel management is obsolete by today’s standards. Give him any classic vehicle, he is up to the challenge.

Conrad -Apprentice

Conrad is a 2nd year auto service apprentice auto technician and has been with Canadian Super Shop for over 2 years. He loves to problem solve and is skilled in the automotive trade diagnostics. Give him a flow sheet & he can figure out any electrical issue. Asian and European vehicles are his specialty.

Canadian Super Shop Apprentice Conrad

Canadian Super Shop is a locally owned automotive service, specialty parts & repair facility established in 1982 with a dedicated staff of auto enthusiasts.

We are a modern auto repair facility, with technologically advanced computer diagnostic equipment ready to handle the most sophisticated of today’s vehicles, servicing most makes & models including domestic, import, and light truck.
On site are two highly experienced journeymen technicians with 40 years combined expertise waiting to service your vehicle.
Specialty auto parts available same or next day, qualified sales team ready to assist in finding the exact part or suggest what component is required to solve your problem, or make your ride unique through our vast selection of accessories.

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Locally Owned
2 techs on staff
40 years of Experience
Modern Facility
Advanced Diagnostic equipment
Special Auto Parts
Domestic & Imports

Canadian Super Shop

Under the Hood A Tale About Caution in Pouring Car Fluid

Under the Hood A Tale About Caution in Pouring Car Fluid A majority of people are completely surprised when they discover one of the most under publicized mistakes made by car owners. Nominees for the prestigious title of “auto maladies” would certainly include: losing keys, driving with the emergency brake engaged, backing through a closed garage door and failing to secure the trunk or hood before take off. All of the above are eligible as “honorable mentions” but according to most mechanics, the overall grand champion remains to pour fluids into the wrong fill tank in a car. A Map

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winter driving tips
Canadian Super Shop

10 effective winter car tips

Ten effective winter car tips Winter can take a toll on your car causing damage and rust and ultimately incur unnecessary repair costs. You may feel tempted to leave your car at home during winter, but this causes more harm than good. Whether you are planning a road trip to visit relatives or a weekend trip, the following ten winter car tips will get your car ready for winter as well as keep you safe and your vehicle running at maximum performance during the harsh winter months. 1. Check the oil The engine is hit hard by the cold temperature

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Canadian Super Shop

nitrogen verses air in your tires

Nitrogen verses Air in your Tires Tires are designed and built to provide many miles of reliable service but must be properly maintained for them to do so. The key element of proper tire maintenance is proper tire inflation. The recommended tire pressures actually originate from the vehicle manufacturer and not the tire companies. To find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressures, you should look on the vehicle’s tire placard which is on the door post or the edge of the driver’s side door. Another place to look is in the owner’s manual, on the inside of the glove box door

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