Our Best Auto Tips

Did you know that Canadian Super Shop has over 35 years of experience in the automobile industry? Our enthusiasm for everything automotive knows no bounds. Whether you’re an experienced mechanic or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Imagine capturing the shine of a freshly polished engine or the thrill of resolving a persistent problem under the hood. Our articles can help you through it all. So, grab your reading glasses, a cup of coffee, and get started.

Dealing With Pothole Damage as a Car Owner

Dealing with pothole damage Meet Marve Kraut, owner of Canadian Super Shop who has seen the best and worst of Winnipeg’s weather over the last 35 year. Marve is particularly aware of pothole damage, which has dogged the city of Winnipeg for years and now seems to be getting only

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World of Wheels Winnipeg MB

World Of Wheels March 24-26 2017 World of Wheels, and why you should attend Now that winter has passed, well almost, it’s time to head to the World of Wheels at the Winnipeg Convention Center. Like many of us, you may be wondering what’s the big deal about car shows

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Inspecting and Replacing Wiper Blades

Inspecting and Replacing Wiper Blades Winter season has ended, we’re starting a new season – spring. As a Canadian motorist, you can now drive without any fear of winter driving challenges. But you shouldn’t get too excited because spring comes with its share of problems.What’s the condition of your wiper

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Warning triangle

pothole damage

Driving Safety Tips to Prevent Pothole Damage As a car owner, you always try to maintain your vehicle to avoid unnecessary repair costs as much as possible. However, that isn’t an easy task. For instance, you accidentally hit a pothole on the road, and the next hour you’re in an

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Protect Your Car From The Harsh Winter

Protect Your Car From The Harsh Winter As a car owner, you always want to see your car shining! That is why one will be hurt to see cracks on the exterior or interior of his or her vehicle. Unfortunately, harsh Canadian winter can do such damage to your ride.

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skid control

Skid Control – Based On Winter Driving As a Canadian, you understand why winter is considered the most dangerous season for drivers. It comes with a whole new set of driving issues and dangers – snow and the wind reduce visibility, slippery and treacherous roads due to ice, and darkness

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spring tune up

Auto Repair 7 questions to ask your mechanic

7 Questions to ask your auto mechanic AFTER the auto repair. Your car needs routine maintenance, or is it in need of repair. Off it goes to your favorite garage. Now, it’s time to pick it up! When your car has been in an auto repair shop, you are eagerly

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Stress free winter driving

Our top 6 tips for stress free winter driving

Our top 6 tips for stress free winter driving 1 You Need Extra Weight Perhaps, most of us own front-wheel-drive compacts and subcompacts. These vehicles are very light in the fanny. As a result, the lightest steering input can cause significant spinouts on slippery roads.We recommend adding a little junk

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Trapped in a Ditch? How to Get Out of a Snowbank

How to Get Out of a Snowbank, Darn You Winter Mantioba Winters can be brutal and thus, driving in winter can be dangerous. If you are a motorist in Canada, you will agree that winter is the most challenging and dangerous season for driving. You must be prepared to tackle

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Motor Oil

Synthetic vs Conventional oil for Winter

 Synthetic VS Conventional oil which is best for Manitoba cold winters Synthetic Vs Conventional oil Motorized vehicles, especially those with internal combustion engines cannot operate without motor oil. In the engine, motor oil serves multiple purposes including reducing friction between moving parts hence preventing wear and tear. Oil also removes

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winter driving tips

10 effective winter car tips

Ten effective winter car tips Winter can take a toll on your car causing damage and rust and ultimately incur unnecessary repair costs. You may feel tempted to leave your car at home during winter, but this causes more harm than good. Whether you are planning a road trip to

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coolant - Canadian Super shop

5 tips to help you warm up a car faster

5 tips to help you warm up a car faster How to warm up a car faster in winter – Winter is the worse enemy of every car and of course us the driver on the road today, especially those of us who live in a cold climate here in Manitoba Canada.

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