Our Best Auto Tips

Did you know that Canadian Super Shop has over 35 years of experience in the automobile industry? Our enthusiasm for everything automotive knows no bounds. Whether you’re an experienced mechanic or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Imagine capturing the shine of a freshly polished engine or the thrill of resolving a persistent problem under the hood. Our articles can help you through it all. So, grab your reading glasses, a cup of coffee, and get started.

What is a Tire Identification Number

Tire Identification Number When you need to determine the age of a tire, all you have to do is read its Tire Identification Number (in some provinces it is called tire’s serial number or DOT). It is different from Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the serial numbers found on many

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tire and wheel package

Tire and Wheel package DIAMETER IS NOT EVERYTHING When it comes to installing new tires and wheel packages, performance, experience, and technology are important factors to consider. Canadian Super Shop takes into consideration each of these factors in replacing or installing new wheels for our customers. Buying a new tire

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How to Break in Your New Tires

Breaking in Your New Tires Do you recall the last time you acquired a new pair of shoes? They might have been stiff to start with, but after a slight wear, they became more comfortable, with a remarkably softer ride and better grip. Well, you may not be aware of

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tire expert Canadian Super Shop

Why you should use a tire expert

Need new tires? Why you should talk to our tire experts Consider consulting a tire expert. Tires are regarded as one of the vehicle’s most important part. They bridge the gap between you and the road. Without a reliable tire, it is not possible for the vehicle to deliver its

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What you need to know about tire sidewall markings

What you need to know about tire sidewall markings What do you know about tire markings? Ever wonder what all those numbers and letters represent on the sidewall of your tires? The writing on your tires can be quite confusing. Most of us ignore them, but tire sidewall markings contain

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spring tuneup canadian super shop

Our Top Six Spring Car Care Maintenance Tips

  Spring Car Care Maintenance Tips It is over! Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the weather has changed drastically. As it’s getting warmer and the pollen fading, it is clear that winter is gone and we are officially in full-blown spring here in Manitoba.With spring usually comes a lot of refreshing

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brakes at canadian super shop

5 Signs You Need New Brakes

5 Signs You Need New Brakes Your brakes are one of the most vital safety features on your vehicle. They help you avoid accidents, and defective brakes can cause accidents. Therefore, it is essential to know when they are damaged or need replacing. It’s imperative that you maintain your vehicle’s

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Motor Oil

5 key things you should know about motor oil

5 Key Things You Should Know About Motor Oil When it comes to oil, oil lubricant for that matter, there are lots of opinions out there, but very few facts. That is why we are sharing this with you. The next five points we are focusing on this article are

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summer tires

Summer tires

Are My Summer Tires Worn out The summer has arrived, and you must have already made a series of plans to make the most out of this season. One thing you must keep an eye on for making all those plans successful is the condition of your summer tires. As

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How to clean tires and wheels.

How to clean tires and wheels. If you use your regular car wash soap to clean your wheels, you may discover that they are not as bright and shiny as they should be. That’s because car wash soaps are not strong enough to clean away brake dust, road tar, and

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waxing your car

Waxing your car for the summer; here are some tips to give you that high-end shine. Now that winter is almost over, and the World of Wheel car show is behind us, it’s time for us to look at ‘sprucing up’ our cars for the summer. Whether you own a

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