MPI Winter tire program

MPI Winter Tire Program

MPI Winter Tire program what is it?
Preparing for a long, hard winter is one extra financial burden we could all do without. We are made of hardy stuff in Manitoba and a foot or two of snow doesn’t phase us, or our ability to drive. However, using the same tires year-round isn’t the answer, everyone should change to a decent set of winter tires or next best all weather tires to grip the road and make their ride the safest possible.

Thankfully, the MPI Winter Tire Program exists to make this an affordable option for most vehicle owners.

MPI Winter Tire Program – what is it?

Providing you meet a set of criteria, you get Low-interest financing  up to $2000 dollars towards the purchase of good quality winter tires or all weather tires that will see you safely on Manitoba’s winter roads.
Once you agree with the financing term and the loan authorization has been processed, the first payment is made one month later.  Monthly payment withdrawal will continue but you get to decide on the payment withdrawal day. 

With a range of repayment terms available, the buyer can set their payments to an affordable sum, with monthly payments between 1 and 4 years.

Eligibility requirements

Firstly, you must be an existing customer of Manitoba Public Insurance to qualify, then there are a few other criteria you must meet.

  • The program is open to individuals only, not businesses
  • You must only purchase the tires for a passenger vehicle or light truck (gross weight less than 4541kg)
  • The vehicle should be registered in your name
  • There should be no financing restrictions or outstanding arrears on your Manitoba Public Insurance account. 

Does financing only cover the purchase cost of the tires

You will be pleased to know you don’t only get help with buying the tires, but also with other associated expenses.

This includes:
Winter And All-Weather Tires That Qualify.
Mounting, Balancing and Installation.
Tire Studding.
Wheels / Rims
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Addition Of Studs To Tires (Some Limitations Apply).
Mounting And Balancing
Applicable Taxes and Fees
Switchover Costs (If Paid During Intial Purchase)
Wheel Alignment
Valve Stems
Shop Supplies
Tire Pressure Sensors and Valve Stems
Aluminum Or Steel Wheels—Fancy Or Basic, It’s Your Choice!

What isn’t included in an MPI Winter Tire Program

Any tire repair costs aren’t covered by financing, and neither is switchover and storage costs unless contracted during the initial purchase.

Are all tire brands included in the program?

Only tires endorsed by Transport Canada with the recognized symbol are suitable for the program.
There is a list of approved tires available at tire dealerships, or easier still, online.
Should you already have purchased your winter tires from a retailer not registered on the program, present all of your receipts and documents at an Autopac Agent where they will perform a retrospective finance check.

How to apply for MPI Winter Tire Program finance

It couldn’t be easier. Run through our checklist and, providing you meet all the criteria, you need to collect a few documents together.

Be sure to bring: 
1) Vehicle registration certificate 
2) Your driver’s licence or identification card Processing and payments 
They will fill in a few forms and once the quick financial check has been completed, you are ready to choose your equipment.

When can you purchase?

The program name might be a little misleading. Although the tires are designed for use in wet and wintry conditions, that isn’t the only time you can buy them.

You can apply for the MPI Winter Tire Program at any time of the year, enabling you to have safe, affordable all weather of winter tires whenever you need them.

Stop, call or click for your free Quote on a new set all weather or winter tires.

Can you get all season tires on mpi program?

No, you can not get all-season tires through MPI’s winter tire program.

Does mpi do a credit check for the winter tire program?

Yes, MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) does perform a credit check for the winter tire program.

Do I need winter tires in Manitoba?

Yes, winter tires are crucial in Manitoba. With severe cold and heavy snowfall, they provide essential traction and safety during the harsh winter months.

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