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Auto Repair 7 questions to ask your mechanic

7 Questions to ask your auto mechanic AFTER the auto repair.

mechanic canadian super shopYour car needs routine maintenance, or is it in need of repair. Off it goes to your favorite garage. Now, it’s time to pick it up!
When your car has been in an auto repair shop, you are eagerly waiting to get it back. However, don’t to be too anxious that you drive away before you understand what the mechanic did to your vehicle.
Just because you are not a car-savvy does not mean you should concur with your mechanic on everything he says without questioning. You should know how the service will affect your vehicle from there onwards.
Learn what to ask your mechanic before you pick the car from an auto shop. In this post, we will share some crucial questions to ask when you pick up your vehicle. You will drive away feeling good and satisfied with the service if you ask these questions.
1. What Was Done?
Undoubtedly, this is a crucial one. In fact, it is the first question to ask once your mechanic. If you took the car for a particular repair (something more complicated than just tire balancing or an oil change), ask your auto mechanic to demonstrate the affected parts are now working.
You will leave the auto shop feeling relieved, knowing that your mechanic carried out effective repair or maintenance. If you aren’t a car-savvy, this will assist you to know what to watch for in the future!
2. Can I See The Removed Parts?
If your mechanic needs to replace a part of your vehicle, ask him or her to keep your old parts in the box of the new part. He should provide the removed parts when you pick your ride.
Since you will be able to see the part before and after, it helps to ensure that the mechanic replaced the affected part.
Even if you cannot take the old part with you because it is too messy, bulky, or leaky, you should ask to see it. We all know that knowledge is power! If your mechanic declines, think twice before allowing him to touch your auto.
3. What’s The Warranty for the Parts and Service?
The services or the parts must come with a reasonable promise of durability. Ask about their warranties so that you can estimate the period the maintenance or repair will last. It will also help you to know how to handle the issue if it arises in future.

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4. What Caused This Problem?
Is it a common issue with your car’s model and make or your driving habits? Was there a preventive measure that should have helped to prevent the problem, or it’s something to do with the age of the vehicle?
There are several reasons why your car may break down, and some -though not all- can be avoided by good maintenance and driving habits. Your auto mechanic can offer you excellent tips on how to prevent recurring problems.
5. How Can I Prevent It From Happening Again?
Good mechanics not only want to give your vehicle back in best condition, but they also want to provide you some tips to prevent unnecessary repairs. Ask your auto mechanic for a maintenance plan.
Compare it with the recommendation of the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. If the plan suits your car, follow it to prevent future repairs. Always go by manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid a mechanic who tries to sell you services that go against the owner’s manual.
6. When Am I Due For the Next Routine Maintenance Check?
The mechanics who’ve just been have worked on your vehicle an extended period will know this better than anyone. Ask your auto repair mechanic about when you should come in for new brake fluid, air filter or other routine maintenance and keep it in your diary.
7. Can You Walk Me Through The Charges?
Your bill will include both individual fees and the total cost. However, they will not describe the charges in detail. Look into that. Were you charged only for labor and parts, or for diagnostics too?
You should watch out for any fee that’s significantly higher than what you expected! If you notice any, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation. It’ll assist you to understand your vehicle and its repair better. It also demonstrates the honesty of your service staff.
An auto mechanic who can answer all these questions to your satisfaction is the one you can trust with your ride.

If you require  car maintenance or auto repair, schedule your appointment today. Come and ask all these questions plus all other issues you need clarification. At Canadian Super Shop, we are proud of our mechanics and the work they do, and we believe you will as well. They are always ready to answer any question.

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