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Inspecting and replacing wiper blades

Inspecting and Replacing Wiper Blades

Winter season has ended, we’re starting a new season – spring. As a Canadian motorist, you can now drive without any fear of winter driving challenges. But you shouldn’t get too excited because spring comes with its share of problems.
What’s the condition of your wiper blades after enduring harsh winter weather? Do you need to replace them?
Most drivers give little attention to the windshield wipers of their vehicle – that’s until a passing truck kicks up a spray of muddy water or slush, or they get caught driving during a downpour. Even then, wiper blades spring into action with an almost absentminded flick of the switch, until they’re no longer required – and yet we don’t give them the necessary attention.
Windshield wiper blades play a significant role in car safety. They remove snow, rain and sometimes even dirt and ice from your vehicle windshield and they do it smoothly and quickly, at just a push of a button.
They endure extremes temperatures from the sub-zero winter weather experienced in various parts of the country. Sometimes they operate for hours at a time. Keep in mind that they are made of thin, flexible rubber — not precisely the material which can take this such kind of abuse forever.
For that reason, wiper blades are one of the hardest working, yet least durable parts of your vehicle. Over time, they will lose their flexibility, and start to crack or fray. Do not think because you live in a sunny province without excessive rain — Manitoba, for instance — that your blades will last longer.
In fact, lack of moisture and the heat can still cause damage to the blades even if you don’t turn them on. Likewise, freezing weather can stiffen the wiper blades and can break easily.
You should not start to pay attention to your windshield wipers when they begin to fail – when they leave streaks which impair your visibility. Having good windshield wipers and windshield fluid are imperative to our driving safety – and you must replace them regularly.
What You Should Look For
To determine if you need to replace your wiper blades, look for these telltale signs:
1. Uneven edges and missing pieces on the blades -When you’re cleaning your wiper blades, check the length to find out if the blade edge is even. Clearing mud or salt can cause damage to the wiper blades and leave them jagged. It causes windshield streaking since wipers miss parts of the windscreen.
2. The wiper blades are streaking, clicking or smearing when wiping the windshield -These are usually the first clues for most drivers that there’s a problem. If the wipers are still streaking or smearing after cleaning the windshield and the blades, then you need to go for a new set.
3. Cracks on the wiper blades -Just like tires deteriorate from heat, weather, and time; cracks will form on wiper blades if the elements assault them continuously. Once you notice cracks or lines within the body of the blade, it is time for a replacement.
How Often Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades
Car experts recommend that you replace your blades every 6-12 months, though this depends both on the type of material used to make the blades and the weather conditions. Ordinary rubber blades will serve you for a short period, halogen-hardened rubber blades will last a little bit longer, and silicone blades have the longest lifespans of all, perhaps more than one year even under intense use. Of course, they’re more expensive than the standard rubber blades.
When the wiper blades fail, they no longer make proper contact with the windshield surface. They start to streak, smear, squeak, chatter or skip reducing driving visibility. Therefore, you should also replace your wiper blades once you notice any difference in driving visibility.
The best way to remember to replace your wiper blades proactively is to change them on Groundhog Day. Whether the Groundhog predicts an early spring or six more weeks of winter, you need new wiper blades to prepare you for six weeks of spring showers s or six weeks of harsh winter driving conditions. Either way, wiper blades available at Canadian Super Shop will assist you to prepare for the unexpected.
Visibility is important for all drivers. The ability to see very well while driving in harsh weather starts and stops with your windshield wipers. Therefore, replacement of your wiper blades should be a mainstay of your car care routine.

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