Dealing With Pothole Damage as a Car Owner

Pothole damage

Dealing with pothole damage

Meet Marve Kraut, owner of Canadian Super Shop who has seen the best and worst of Winnipeg’s weather over the last 35 year. Marve is particularly aware of pothole damage, which has dogged the city of Winnipeg for years and now seems to be getting only worse. For some time now, the mechanic at the shop has been repairing bent wheels/rims, blown tires, tie rods, ball joints, and PV Axels from vehicles kissing potholes. He says he is always on one errand after another, and the biggest losers are car owners.

The City is trying to fix this problem, but your vehicle might fall victim before that happens. This is why you need to know the immediate steps to take in the aftermath of hitting a pothole.
Let’s jump in:

Check the tires
You don’t need to fret too much about this because chances of a pothole ruining your tires are extremely rare unless of course, we are talking about a massive pothole. In the same vein, do not ignore this precaution, as damaged tires put you at a very real risk of accidents. In addition to that, misaligned tires tend to wear and tear very unevenly. Sometimes, your tire won’t be damaged, but you will find that the vehicle has developed an alignment issue that will need to be address.

Check the underside
There are myriad parts of your car that are on the bottom. The problem with these parts is that crucial as they are to the functionality of your vehicle, it’s not easy to detect problems afflicting them after hitting a pothole, because of the simple reason that they are mostly difficult to look at due to their location.

Restart the car
You need to have a feel of whether the vehicle still works. If it turns smooth and can function effectively, then you are in the clear-almost.

Visit Canadian Super Shop
Regardless of what you think about the condition of the car, the input of a professional is important. Drive out to a mechanic’s shop and have the vehicle checked. These check-ups could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future costs and fuel consumption.

If you are in Winnipeg and need your vehicle checked, then reach out to us at Canadian Super Shop, located at 1775 Portage Avenue.

Why choose to have your car checked at our shop?

State-of-the-art technology
We know that your vehicle is important to you, which is why we always see to it that you get the best diagnostic services using the most up-to-date diagnostic and repair equipment. Our systems are computerized to raise the accuracy of diagnostic reports and make sure that your car is fixed for the exact problem involved.

Our mechanics are quick, professional and efficient.
Having served Winnipeg for years now, we know that your time matters. Once you haul your vehicle to us, our professional mechanics will take a look at it and fix the problem within the shortest time possible.

At Canadian Super Shop, we are available to fix your vehicle’s problems, pothole damage or not.

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