Auto Repair

Auto Repair and Maintenance

Environmental considerations

We should all consider doing our part for the environment, by keeping your vehicle in proper tune with a clean air filter and a fresh set of spark plugs mileage will be within the manufactures specifications thus reducing fuel consumption saving you money

Proper tire pressure is another green initiative. A 30% low tire, prematurely wears tires costing you mileage and the risk of tire failure


A lube, oil and filter change is your primary method of maintaining a smooth running engine.Auto Repair For most vehicles the oil not only lubricates your engine but also cleans, and protects against harmful contaminates. A premium grade of oil with the correct manufacture specifications are all we use.

A coolant system flush and fill is next. Proper coolant helps keep the engines operating temperature in check, and lubricates the water pump, clean and proper strength coolant allows your heating and cooling systems to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

We also suggest that a fresh set of wiper blades be installed by one of our qualified technicians early in the spring. After a long cold Manitoba winter your blades are dry and damaged and should be changed for better visibility, preparing your vehicle for the up and coming sloppy, slushy driving conditions.


Summer is the season for vacationing. An Air-conditioning service will prevent a long wait if any apparent problems can be visually detected. Change worn belts and hoses. Inspect for leaks. Tires should be rotated for maximum wear and reliability, Oil Change Winnipegand inspected for cracks and bulges that may have developed over the winter and spring harsh driving conditions. Now maybe time for a new set. One may want to consider a fresh change of spark-plugs and a premium air filter, to help extend gas mileage. This time of year we place the highest mileage on our vehicles and gas is always the most expensive due to supply and demand.


Time to consider a change to synthetic lubricants for engine oil, transmissions, transfer cases , and differentials. Synthetics place less friction on all reciprocating masses, resulting in easier cold weather starts, and extended life for all related components. Inspection of wheels, clean beads on rims helps reduce low tire pressures, changing to ice radials or winter tires help improve handling of all vehicles whether they are front, rear or all wheel drive.


The most demanding of all seasons in Manitoba . Now is the time to inspect your charging system . A weak system will make cold weather starting that much more stressful on you and your vehicle. An AVR test will ensure your battery, starter and alternator are functioning properly, not letting you down in the most improper of times.

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