Auto Parts and Service

Canadian Super Shop has a highly qualified parts and service department and our service advisory staff has been employed at our facility for over 30 years. We are constantly improving our skills through continued professional development.

We currently have the most up to date computer equipment capable of handling Domestic , Asian and European cars and light trucks. We use the Mitchell software programs to fairly access your repair needs and are pleased to assist in all your automotive requests.

Canadian Super Shop has 4 bays to server youSam & Lucas, our locally educated tech’s, have a combined 40 years of experience in automotive diagnostic and repair. Our technicians are well equipped in all facets of automotive evaluations and repair, whether you require us to tune your carbureted classic or to install an efficient computer program in your new diesel truck, we can help.

Today’s vehicles are so sophisticated even the oil changes are specialized, in the past a basic oil change could be accomplished by any shop. Now we can offer you a plethora of specialized lubricants required to meet and exceed all manufacture warranty specifications.

Your classic or muscle car requires specialized lubrications too. We have muscle oils infused with moly, and high levels of zinc enabling the oil to penetrate & protect the engines internal metal surface ensuring the ultimate protection of your valuable older engine.

  • Improved dry start wear protection for cars not driven daily
  • Super corrosion resistance for cars in storage
  • The ultimate protection for flat tappet cams
  • Proper hydration of seals and gaskets
  • Cooler running temperatures
  • Increased engine life

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