Keep a flashLight in the car

8 Essential and Cool Things you Need In Your Car

8 Essential and Cool Things you Need In Your Car

8 essential and cool things to keep in your car

When traveling in a car, you never know what to expect. Inclement weather, traffic jams, mechanical failure and accidents are all possibilities we do not like to ponder. Nothing is worse, however than being stranded in a car without the proper items to ensure safety and provide a little comfort while you wait for help. It is crucial to establish a checklist of things which may help save yourself and the lives of those passengers dear to you. This car essential list should be routinely checked and properly maintained to make certain they are ready for use in case of a car crisis or minor inconvenience. Below is a fun filled list for preparing yourself for a “car-tastrophe” by adding a tiny bit of humor about cool things you have to have in your car. Here is our list of 8 essential and cool things you need in your car

First Aid Kit:
This first item is number one on the list because it may save lives. Items within the kit itself should be checked to make certain they are in working order every few months. Having a properly equipped and functional first aid kit can help stop bleeding, disinfect wounds and provide some helpful applications in case of an injury.
“Second Aid Kits” will eventually be added because sequels and improved versions are now a traditional part of society and a sneaky way of convincing us to purchase another item almost exactly like the one we already have. Until a “First Aid 2.0” or “Sequence-Challenged” version is released to maintain political correctness, stick with the “First Choice” in Aid Kits.

Bottled Water:
Keeping at least 5 liters of bottled water on hand serves many purposes. First, it can replenish fluids in case of being stranded for prolonged periods of time. Water can also be utilized for cleaning wounds, hard to clear windows and help fill an empty radiator.
Jugs are gaining in popularity, and it is projected that eventually, they will dwarf bottles not only literally but figuratively. For now, stick with bottles but keep on the lookout for jugs. With a powerful lobbyist group of jugglers and juggernauts it is just a matter of time before they spin the bottle and turn portable water storage into an entirely new game.

An Extra Cell Phone:
Keep a cell phone in the car
Leaving a cheap cell phone in the glove box may come in handy in case a primary phone is lost or damaged in an accident. Calling for help may be one of the most important needs and it never hurts to have a backup plan to reach out for emergency assistance. A pre-paid model might serve well, and it should be checked regularly to make sure it is functioning and up to date on any requirements for usage.
For those who think that the above paragraph about yet another mobile device is out of sequence here, you can just nod and agree to be surprised.

Nothing is worse than being kept in the dark and a car crisis at night time can pose many obstacles. A working flashlight with periodically monitored and appropriately updated batteries will enable vision in that time of critical need.
There is no point in making a dark hour any darker than it already is. Have you ever noticed nobody everKeep a flashLight in the car stops to say things like “I just see absolutely too clearly?” For those who might be trapped in a car with their wives or significant other during this crisis, I want you to practice using this line “the blood from my minor head wound has blocked most of my vision, but I must say you still look stunning.” That is survival, my friends.



A Spare Tire and a Jack:
Keep a flashLight in the car
Although many recently manufactured cars come with tires which may be driven after a puncture, it never hurts to have an additional spare and jack readily available for use. Making certain that the tire is functional and properly inflated and the jack works is also a good idea when running through the routine checks of items for emergency planning.
It is time for a little intervention here. How do you think your family would feel if you introduced them in this fashion? “Here is my son and daughter and my spare son and my granddaughter and spare grandson.” I think it is time for a little change. “Bonus tire” as opposed to a “spare” tire. That tire may never be used, but the sheer lift in self-esteem will make it a whole lot more cooperative when called into action.

Granola Bars Or Healthy Snacks:
Snacks in the case of a critical car situation are meant to have a long shelf life and be a source of nutrition and appetite suppression. Granola bars or other snack bars which have a longer freshness window will work until help arrives.
Here is where the philosophy might get a little twisted. The time to worry about a few extra calories or a spike in blood sugar may have already passed. If you are sitting there huddled with your passengers fighting for blankets, which have not been mentioned yet, (but you know they are coming) why not help reduce the tension with chocolate? Everyone has those friends are family members that you know good and well may be just itching to go “Cannibal” at any time. If your luck is bad enough to be fighting for survival in a car, then the smart money’s on the fact one of them is probably with you. Keep some great candy in the car, when it starts to get old, and you are doing the checklist, eat it and put some more in there. Even prisoner’s in ancient times were traditionally allowed to choose a last meal. Have you ever heard of even one instance when someone said, “before you hang me by the neck can you slide me one of those dried out granola bars?” It probably did not happen.

Jumper Cables, Tools, Gas Can and an Ice Scraper/Shovel:
These are the things that are supposed to be kept in the car at all times. If your battery dies at the grocery, you need jumper cables. You always need tools for something, and you could run out of gas around the corner from home. If you live in a location which has snow and ice, it pretty much is like the caution warning on a hot beverage to tote one of those ice-scraping/shoveling items along at all times. There is no new news in this section because these are just common sense things.

Blankets, Pillows and a Pen and Paper:
It is always important to have blankets in the car. If anyone has ever traveled with children for any length of time, you may have realized that comfortable and sleeping small children are the preferred choice of parents from every nation. Everyone knew the blankets were coming already, and the pillows can double for elevating limbs in an emergency or help sleeping children be less grouchy. The idea is to make sure you are warm in case of cold weather or shock.
The pen and paper are designed to trade information in the event of accidents or describe a vehicle by make and model for identification purposes. Leaving notes for emergency response teams is also part of the need and if you are feeling as if you are losing consciousness it is best to write down some symptoms or medical conditions which may allow for proper treatment by the responders.
Pencils are probably not the best choice because the odds of breaking a lead are much higher than being caught in a critical situation and by the looks of things luck would most likely not be falling your direction on that particular day. Let’s plan on putting three pens and a couple of notepads somewhere in the car and checking the pens while you are eating candy during the emergency checklist routine. An alternate purpose might be to add a little creativity to the emergency responder note. For example “look, I am fading out right now, but if you are reading this note frozen to my chest, it is important that you understand I tip generously for good service. Add a smiley face and all is good.

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