5 reason you may need a vehicle alignment



backroad-with-potholesIn most cases, when we talk of car alignment, we usually refer to the wheel adjustments. However, determining when you need to do a vehicle alignment is not very evident, yet it is a very important aspect of vehicle maintenance. A poor alignment will result in steering and tire problems. A vehicle’s misalignment can happen when a car or truck hits potholes, bumps into parking stalls made of concrete hits a curb or general wear and tear of the socket joints and rubber components as the vehicle ages.

The four wheel alignment
In doing a four wheel alignment, all the vehicles camber, toe and caster angles are measured and adjusted according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure driving of the vehicle in the recommended straight position. For an alignment to be successfully done, the vehicle is placed on an alignment rack after which the front and rear wheels, as well as the suspension, are inspected and adjusted. Also, the tire size and pressure are checked to ensure proper balancing of the vehicle. Therefore, the four wheel alignment essentially affects your tires durability, steering wheel, safety, and suspension. Therefore, in the case of a problem with any of the above, it is important that you seek the four wheel alignment services for your vehicle.
The reasons why you may need a vehicle alignment therefore include:

right-front-wheelPremature wearing of your tires
The premature wearing of tires is a major symptom of an improper wheel alignment. A poor tire alignment on the caster and toe-in will cause your vehicle tires to wear out unevenly. This could either be on the inside or outside edge. Wearing on the outside edge of the tire will indicate a positive camber while a wearing on the inside will indicate a negative camber. Hence if you notice any premature and uneven wearing of your tires, you may need a vehicle alignment.
As part of your car’s routine maintenance

Car experts and manufacturers advise that vehicle alignment is periodically checked. The wheel, for instance, according to the New Jersey Division should be aligned after every 10000 miles. However, the frequency will vary depending on the kind of terrain that you drive your vehicle on with rougher terrains demanding a higher frequency of vehicle alignment.

Your car is pulling to one side
If you are having a hard time trying to make your car move straight, then you require a car alignment. This drifting to one side or the other is usually caused by the camber of the wheels, the angle at which the wheels and the road have been lined up. It is important to note that any slight adjustment to this angle will affect your car’s alignment hence a drift towards the center or shoulder.

Vibration of your steering wheel
If your vehicle is constantly shaking when you are driving, then you may require a vehicle alignment. This form of vibration may happen by two wheels trying to go in opposite directions. Usually as a result of unbalanced and unevenly worn tires which are the result of a wheel alignment issue.
Wandering of your car during driving
As stated earlier, a poor adjustment to the camber will cause your vehicle to pull to one side. Also, when your car has a problem with caster, that is, the steering pivot angle, it will tend to lean either forward or backward. For this reason, any attempts to steer your car in a straight line will prove futile. You will, therefore, need a vehicle alignment for your caster to be corrected.

Economic costs
In conclusion, therefore, it is important to state that your vehicle’s alignment will not only bring about benefits to you as a car owner but save you economic costs, in case you encounter any of the discomforts outlined above, it is important to take action as soon as possible. No training is needed to accomplish this cheap and safe option for vehicle maintenance. Therefore, don’t waste time in the garage trying to save your car when it’s too late. Instead take necessary precautions!

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