5 car safety tips before leaving on your summer vacation

5 car safety tips before leaving on your summer vacation

Summer vacation


Making Sure the Car is Singing the Same Tune Before the Summer Vacation
Vacationing together in the family car can create some of life’s most memorable adventures which transcend time and are passed down through future generations. Almost everyone can remember a favorite summer vacation trip with their family, and some may recall some challenging situations as a result of a misbehaving auto. A major difference between the most delightful of all recollections and those which might be less than pleasant to remember can be directly proportional to the conduct of the automobile chosen for the journey. Before departing on that road trip, it is always best to provide the car with a health check up in the form of preventative maintenance. Much like a small child cars can sense the optimum time for misbehavior to receive the maximum amount of attention and long trips are viewed as their chance for stardom. Keeping a car healthy and well tempered on long trips is vital to the overall mental health of the entire family and a few summer maintenance tips may help.

Unusual Sounds:
If the car has been making a strange sound, it should be checked thoroughly by a mechanic before a trip. Cars are unable to cough or sneeze to indicate their symptoms and rely heavily on groaning and whining as their chief method of alerting their owners that something is wrong. Sounds coming from the tires might signal that brake pads are worn or the brakes themselves need to be replaced. Engine noises can be caused by a variety of maladies ranging from minor to critical. Even the most dependable car needs special attention on occasion, and it is best to keep the communication open between auto and self especially when planning a trip. Due to their lack of formal education and challenges with speech cars are unable to tell the mechanics “where it hurts” and owners will most likely need to serve as an interpreter. A summary below may help:

* Take notice of unusual noises.

* Explain the location and sound to a mechanic.

Routine Fluids and Oil Check:
There is no better time to detect a problem with oil or engine fluids than before leaving on a family outing. If the oil is approaching a time for it to be changed, it might be best to have it done before the trip. With the amount of miles being driven an extra service visit never hurts to have fresh oil and filters in place. Many service centers will also check other fluids like power steering, brake, transmission, windshield cleaner, and others for leaks. Auto technicians may also prepare the radiator for hot weather by adjusting the level of water and coolant. Small leaks have a way of becoming large problems if they are not detected and remedied in their early stages. In addition to safety, the fact that no undergarments currently exist to prevent embarrassing situations for minor car leaks it is best to be proactive. Concerned owners will want to avoid the humiliation of a car while being parked near other cars who may frown upon the puddles and regard them as a lack of discipline. A summary is listed below for convenience:

* Make sure oil and filters are freshly changed.

* All fluid levels checked on the engine.

* Any serious leaks identified and patched.

* Windshield wiper fluid filled.

Tires and Brakes:
Without question, the only situation which may be worse than not being able to start a car is not being capable of stopping one when it is needed. Brakes and tires have significant roles when it comes to the safety of the family inside the car, and it is best to make certain they are properly maintained to complete their tasks efficiently. Brakes and pads should be inspected and tested for functionality. Tire tread and recommended inflation levels are crucial for safety and handling. Tires which are wearing unevenly should be rotated or replaced before departure. During the challenges of inclement weather and poor road conditions the correct grip on the road is necessary and on longer trips the added fuel efficiency achieved by ideal air pressure is an added benefit. Checking the spare tire is a task which can either be considered brilliant or one of the most regrettable choices in recent memory as the trip unfolds. Longer trips require cars to remain on their feet for extended periods of time. Cars usually present owners with a choice of proper footwear in the form of functional tires properly inflated, or they have been known to rebel in the form of a “sitting protest.” Few travelers want to spend time on vacation waiting for emergency shoe repair, so it is best to read lightly and be proactive. A few highlights:

* Tire pressure verified.

* Tire tread evaluated and tires either replaced or rotated if necessary for safety.

* Brakes and pads checked for functionality and performance.

* Spare tire ready for use.

Comfort, Safety, Sight, and Direction:
Having the air conditioning checked for maximum performance may seem like a minor concern compared to other more pressing issues for those who have never been married or do not have children. The reality of having temperature challenged travels is one of those episodes in life which may be difficult to endure during the experience, and it is virtually impossible to avoid mentioning by others over the course of one’s natural lifetime. An emergency first aid kit is a great travel companion and a necessity for those long trips in the car. The kit should be placed and all passengers made are aware of the location. All headlights, tail lights, interior lights and brake lights should be in working order and tested for efficiency. With the innovation of computer navigation, it is always a good idea to make sure it is functioning correctly before takeoff. A few antiques from the past in the form of maps never hurts to have as a source of backup. One never sees the aliens grab any paper maps in the movies, but when they come buzzing down from their planet nobody likes to talk about at parties it seems to wreak havoc on the GPS systems throughout the world. A few reminders:

* Air conditioning working well.

* Emergency First Aid Kit in a place where all passengers can find it.

* All lights on the car checked both inside and out.

* Navigation working correctly. (paper back up)


Family VacationThe Most Important Ingredient:
A summer vacation in the family car will often be one of the greatest road trips in every passenger’s life. Summer maintenance tips are important but the most special ingredient is a fun loving attitude for all. Even the nastiest alien invaders will not be able to overcome the lethal combination of paper maps and laughter.

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